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Leo Symon

Born in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Lives & works in Trnava, Slovak Republic and his residence is in London UK


Painting for me is a way of communicating with the world about which I form my views and express them in shapes and colors. But this is only a tool that gets me closer to understanding what I am experiencing (living through). They are not only images of the outside world but also of my
inner-self where, by observing or even ignoring my own thoughts, I may find presence. It's so easy, yet so fascinating, that it is worth expressing through painting.

It is not enough for me trying to understand the world; the world should understand me as well. And this is the source of many, if not all, misunderstandings and hence the reason why I devote it considerable attention.

Computer science is only a tool. A tool that I have liked only to such a level that it would not control me but it would do only what I want to do very quickly. Those are the thousands of small acts shaping lines, surfaces and shapes into a visual form, resulting in the composition of an image.

I am one of many who like to photograph, draw and paint. I have been doing these activities since my childhood, nearly for fifty years.

I love the world that appears infinitely large and small at the same time. This is also a good reason not to fear to confide in you in the form of paintings which were created in digital imaging software, either by hand painting or on the basis of photograph, from which I borrowed some shapes or colors. There are also photographs that served only as a color shade or a background to a totally different picture.

I have been using a virtual studio in the form of a personal computer for over twenty years. During that time I have created thousands of graphic works which were used for commercial purposes, such as promotional materials, handbooks, manuals, websites and interior decorating among others. At present I have dedicated my time almost exclusively to digital photography and digital hand-painting.

The final version of the work - prints.

The resulting art work has been processed on different materials but with pigment colors that are guaranteed to be stable for approximately two hundred years. Originals are provided with the hologram on the back side of the art work as well as on the certificate which is a part of the package.

If my art work positively inspired you or you simply like it, it is not by accident. It is my intention.


2014 - Usti nad Labem, (Czech Rep.)
2015 - Kokorin (Czech Rep.)
2015 - Prague (Czech Rep.)
2015 - Vienna (Spirit Of Art), collective
2017 - Dallas (Texas, USA)
2017 - Ottawa (Canada)
2017 - London (UK) collective

2018 - Galanta (SVK)

2018 - Trnava (SVK)

2018 - Bratislava (SVK) collective

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